RF Power Amplifier Modules up to 6000MHz
Microwave Town's completely solid state microwave power amplifier module features high efficiency, high output power and wide dynamic range. It uses advanced microwave device technology and provides high reliability and ruggedness product for our customer. Functions including over current and over temperature protection to guarantee the safety when working in various harsh conditions.

All listed amplifiers are available in either module or system version upon request.
  • An END-USER STATEMENT must accompany all international orders and domestic orders shipping outside the United States.
  • ID Frequency (MHz) Description Gain (dB) Psat (dBm) Psat (W) Spec
    MTPA20060230301 20.00-6000.00 1 Watts, 20MHz - 6 GHz Ultra-Broadband Amplifier 30 30 1 PDF Spec
    MTPA20260250471 2000.00-6000.00 50 Watts, 2 - 6 GHz Microwave Amplifier 50 47 50 PDF Spec
    MTPA20260253531 2000.00-6000.00 200 Watts, 2 - 6 GHz Microwave Amplifier 53 53 200 PDF Spec

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      Microwave Town LLC is a leader in the microwave component industry. We offer a wide range of high quality, precision RF products such as coaxial and waveguide components, broadband power amplifiers, and antennas for DC to 330 GHz. Our millimeter wave products are carefully designed and widely used in military and commercial applications. It is our focus to meet your stringent specifications and requirements. We are committed to providing our customers with the highest quality products, competitive pricing, fast delivery, and excellent customer service.