Variable Shorts
Variable Shorts
MT series variable shorts consist of movable, non-contacting choke plungers with a straight section of waveguide. The variable shorts can move at least10mm with resolution of 0.01mm. The sliding loads are useful for the precise measurement of small reflections in transmission lines. The variable shorts can be used to establish adjustable short circuit reference.
ID Frequency(GHz) Flange Adjustment_Range (mm) Resolution Dimension (mm)(B)
MT-TS-28 26.40-40.00 UG599/U > 10 0.01mm 65
MT-TS-34 21.70-33.00 UG1530/U > 10 0.01mm
MT-TS-42 17.60-26.90 UG595/U > 10 0.01mm 85
MT-TS-51 14.50-22.00 UG595/U > 10 0.01mm
MT-TS-62 12.40-18.00 UG419/U > 10 0.01mm 105
MT-TS-75 9.84-15.00 COM'L > 10 0.01mm
MT-TS-90 8.20-12.50 UG39/U > 10 0.01mm 160

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